How to Choose Furniture That Won’t Go out of Style

If you want to furnish your apartment for years to come, instead of trendy or budget models, choose more expensive classics. This will help you save money in the future: high-quality furniture in traditional shapes and colors will not only last longer but also suit different finishes. Most likely, you will be able to fit it into the interior after the next repair.

Fast fashion is good in accessories that are easy to replace, and for larger purchases, it is better to use one-stop solutions. Then you don’t have to update the furniture simply because it is out of fashion or does not fit into the new interior.

How to choose furniture so that it does not go out of fashion after 10 years?

1. Natural shades

Neutral natural colors are always relevant and suitable for all interior styles.

In addition, the natural palette is universal: even the brightest shades blend well with each other (for example, emerald and brick, ocher and brown), not to mention the texture of wood or stone.

If you choose a calm basic finish, such furniture will be easy to fit into any interior – including after renovation or moving.

2. Classic shapes

Furniture of traditional forms does not depend on time and fleeting trends. You can safely invest in it if you want to buy a product that will last a long time.

At the same time, it is not necessary that the furniture be strictly minimalistic.

Objects can look quite complicated.

If it falls into your stylistic preferences, then in combination with a calm palette, such furniture will always look relevant.

It is better to avoid a large number of decorations – excessive additional decoration makes the noble classics obsolete.

3. Solid color upholstery

Of course, there are ornaments that do not go out of fashion: for example, floral or geometric. Yet, not everyone can choose the perfect “long-lasting” pattern.

In addition, later, in case of repair, the pattern will be more difficult to fit into the new environment than plain products.

If you need furniture that will not have to be changed for a long time, choose upholstery without a pattern.

Add beautiful prints with the help of decor or textiles: sofa cushions, plaid, curtains, carpet. They can be quickly and inexpensively updated when you make repairs or just want to change the mood of the interior.

4. Quality materials

You can talk a lot about the shape, shades and decorative elements, but if the furniture is made of low-quality materials, it will last at best for several seasons.

When buying products for years, it makes sense to allocate a larger budget for this and choose strong and durable materials, even if you take furniture in the mass market.

In this case, saving money will result in new large expenses after a few months of use.

5. Small size

Compact furniture is easier to adjust to different room formats: a small area, an irregular shape, and a complex architecture.

Therefore, such items will remain relevant longer than more massive ones: you can move to different apartments with them, not worrying that a wardrobe or chair will not fit into a small-sized or narrow pencil-case room.

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