5 Reasons to Rearrange Your Furniture Instead of Renovating

You want to upgrade your house, but you don’t have the money or time for a full-scale renovation. Make a rearrangement of your furniture, and the house will become beautiful and more comfortable.

Rearranging is not just moving a sofa or table from one wall to another but also an occasion to look at the space differently. Determine its strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, try to understand what is outdated and requires disposal and what, on the contrary, is missing in the house.

Rearrangement of the furniture will transform the interior, and you do not have to spend money and a lot of time on such an update.

In this article, we have collected several good reasons for rearrangement rather than for a full-fledged renovation.

1. Saving money

If you want changes but there is not enough money for high-quality repairs, it is better not to save on the quality of work but to choose an easier way to upgrade. For example, rearrange the furniture, remove something or add new details.

This will not require material investments from you, and the effect will be immediately noticeable.

An important nuance: it is necessary to consider the size of the room and the dimensions of the furniture that you will rearrange. It is better to plan the arrangement in advance and take all the necessary measurements not to encounter difficulties in the process.

2. Rapid transformation of space

Another advantage of rearrangement is the ability to implement the plan quickly. Even cosmetic renovation will require more time and effort than changing the usual furniture arrangement. You can complete this task in a day or even a few hours.

Such a speed is almost impossible for repair work: for example, to repaint the walls, it will take several days – preparation, work itself and drying included.

3. Possibility to fit in new furniture

If your family’s needs have changed (someone in the household began to work remotely, you got a dog, or you have a baby), do not rush to start renovating. Perhaps, in order to highlight an additional functional area, it will be enough just to rearrange the furniture.

For example, a crib can be placed in the bedroom at the cost of a makeup table, and a workplace can be arranged by the window, removing the chair from there.

A new location of the closet or shelves will help separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space in a studio apartment.

The area of any room can be optimized, and some more space can be allocated for new furniture.

4. Reason to get rid of unnecessary stuff

If you feel that there is too much furniture and other items in the house, and you don’t use some of them at all, rearrange them by getting rid of the excess.

Over time, the picture of the interior becomes boring, and we stop noticing the visual noise and clutter.

Rearrangement will help you look at the space in a new way – it will immediately become clear what you should give up. This applies to large items, decor, and even clothing.

5. The need to rethink zoning

Sometime after renovating, the house gets full of new things most often located according to the principle “where I can find some free space.” The result is a strangely zoned interior, where everything is arranged at random rather than according to the principle of convenience.

To make living in the house more comfortable, think over a new plan for arranging furniture and study the features of the room.

Perhaps it is better to combine some pieces of furniture. For example, separate armchairs and poufs should be arranged into a single sofa group, and a common storage system should be made from several racks.

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