7 Items that Ruin Your Interior Design

In autumn, we are more willing to stay at home, which means that we often need comfort and a sense of happiness inside our beloved home. Unfortunately, there is something that gives the opposite effect. What interior mistakes and bad habits can deprive your personal space of comfort and aesthetics?

1. Abundance of things and cluttered cabinets

Once every few months, arrange an audit and remove the things you do not use: put them up for sale or donate to charity. Take a critical look at the places of storage: clothes and shoes that have never been worn over the past year are most often to be thrown away.

Make room for new things, only this time think about what you buy and in what quantities – take a course on conscious consumption.

2. The presence of colorful packaging, plastic and cellophane in the kitchen

Periodically, check your stocks by throwing out expired products, and take care of the external aesthetics of storage. Pour bulk products into special jars, get a butter dish, a gravy bowl, and a set for spices in a laconic design – such little things greatly affect the impression of the interior.

Put the things in order inside the refrigerator and outside: get rid of magnets in different styles and “used” stickers.

3. The presence of worn out and unpresentable textiles

Pay attention to the condition of curtains, bedspreads, blankets, and pillow covers. The latter, for example, are best updated with the onset of each new season – so the interior will sparkle with fresh colors and will not become boring.

Beautiful and high-quality textiles are significant for creating the right environment: it completes the design and set the right accents. For autumn, textured knitted accessories and fabrics of dense texture are suitable.

4. Assorted dishes with defects

It is better to buy a couple of simple but stylish sets of dishes than to keep old ceramics that do not match too well. This also applies to teacups. Sometimes there are so many of them that the moment of choice is inevitable: you will have to leave only a few of the most suitable in style.

5. Dirty windows and mirrors

Dull glass in smudges will negate the effect of any, even the most thorough cleaning. And vice versa – the impeccable cleanliness of the windows will give the house freshness and pleasant lightness.

6. The main focus on the overhead light

Any room will become much more spacious and cozy if you place spotlights with warm white or yellow light in it – floor lamps, sconces, and loft-style garlands are suitable for this. They can be distributed around the house, creating your own individual light composition, and use the main light only when necessary.

7. Hallway mess

This is the first room that guests see when they cross the threshold, so the hallway is the hallmark of your home. Too many shoes can spoil the impression, especially those that are out of date for the season. The situation will be corrected by a functional shoe cabinet or a closed cabinet.

Outerwear on open hangers also does not contribute to a harmonious style: everything that is superfluous should be cleaned and put away in the dressing room. After these simple manipulations, even the most compact hallway will become cleaner and more spacious.

These simple tips will inspire you to make positive changes, and the time spent in your home this fall will be filled with warmth and comfort.

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