5 Most Useful Home Gadgets

At the beginning of the XXI century, robotics truly began to develop by leaps and bounds, which is absolutely not surprising, given the rate of the technological progress. Every month the engineers and scientists demonstrate new prototypes, concepts, and designs, and many of them enter ordinary people’s houses.

1. LoweBot – Assisted Shopping

Trade is one of the first industries where robots started being used. A striking example is LoweBot used in a number of retail stores in California. The machine works as an assistant to staff and is able to give buyers advice. For example, the robot can help find the right product. The machine is able to recognize multiple languages.

2. Sego Pet Feeding Robot

When it comes to robots, each of us imagines a humanoid device, but in reality, it is not so. Numerous robotic assistants are far from that stereotype, but it does not make them less useful. A striking example is the Sego robot, intended for pet care, in particular, their feeding without human intervention. The robot can be controlled remotely through the user’s mobile device or work in a fully autonomous mode, according to a given algorithm and with the help of sensors.

3. The Digiloom 3-D Printer

This is the “friendliest” robot on the planet that is also a 3D printer. What makes it an entertainment device? It’s very simple – it produces all sorts of memorable accessories for friends, based on the data that the robot collects from their mobile devices. Do not get alarmed, the machine is not spyware, and you will first need to go through the synchronization procedure.

4. Tertill Garden Robot

This small and very humble robot is, in fact, an incredibly useful tool. Actually, Tertill is one of the few contemporary full-fledged garden robots. The purpose of the device is obvious – keeping the garden and the lawn trim, in particular, getting rid of weeds. Thanks to the solar panel, the robot doesn’t need charging and can be used outdoors throughout the season. Like any other similar devices, Tertill can be synchronized with any mobile device. The robot operates autonomously.

5. Cop Rose Cleans Your Windows for You

Finally, it is worth telling you about another amazing robot helper, which has appeared relatively recently. As you can already guess from the photos, the main task of Cop Rose is window cleaning. The robot does all the work independently. Like most other robotic cleaners, it is controlled with a smartphone. Incredibly convenient and easy to use. Obviously, this is the technology of the future.

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