World’s Best & Worst Lovers Revealed

Italian men are the best lovers, but the British are at the bottom of the list. That is the conclusion reached by the researchers who conducted a survey in some European countries.


The survey involved not only the women who evaluated their male partners’ power, but the men themselves. They were asked how satisfied they were with their sex life. It turned out that 64% of the Italian men and women highly evaluated their sex life.

A poll organized to determine the degree of premature ejaculation involved more than 6,000 men and women from Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Almost one in ten said that the average duration of their sexual intercourse was less than two minutes. However, more than 35% Italians confessed their sex lasts longer than 10 minutes. That is what makes Italian men best lovers in the world.

The level of satisfaction from sex in Britain was only 54%, and this result was placed at the bottom of the list. It was also found that UK residents are least likely to seek professional help in matters of intimacy. Nevertheless, experts unanimously assert that the problem of premature ejaculation can have a strong negative psychological impact on the quality of life – not only that of men, but also of their girlfriends.

This problem can be effectively solved with the help of qualified professionals, and there is nothing shameful in going to the clinic.

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