7 Tips on How to Become Sexier

Today is a special day and you want to look stunning, so that every male around would feel pheromones exuding from you. Or you want a change from work clothes. Or you want to look your best on your birthday. Or you just want to be as sexy as you can. Well, first of all try these simple methods to make a quick difference in how alluring you are!


1. Change Your Hairstyle

A carefully chosen hairdo can make you look notches sexier in a very short time! As soon as you catch the sight of you in the beauty salon mirror and love what the hairdo has done to you, it will give you enough emotional upheaval to go on with the transformation. It’s probably the simplest way to reinvent yourself.

2. Hide Your Body

Surprised? Yet hiding your body under clothes can make you look more enticing – the idea is to hint at your sexuality and not put it all on display. Put away the mini and don a pencil, show a bit of leg in a well-placed cut; don’t try to show much cleavage also. Make your sexuality a little bit more mysterious.

3. Buy Beautiful Lingerie

You will feel heaps sexier if you wear soft lingerie that goes well with your clothes – and no matter if only you know it! You do it for the special feeling it incites, more confidence and more pose. Splurge on some new quality lingerie and tell yourself you’re ’oing it for yourself more than for your boyfriend.

4. Be Self-Assured

Sexuality is not good without confidence. Are you low on it? Learn to imitate it – strike confident postures, make gestures that are both forceful and graceful. Make out you know you’re beautiful, and there can be no doubt about it. It’s not only on the outside, it’s on the inside, too. You don’t have to be physically impeccable, but if you exude self-assurance, it will draw people’s eyes.

5. Flash Your Best Smile

Even if your smile falls short of dazzling perfection, it will do wonders to your appearance and mood. Don’t think you must stretch your face to create a grin that would surprise everyone: not everyone will be pleasantly surprised. Smiling makes you out a nice and easy-going person, other people will think you like them, and will reciprocate the feeling.

6. Wear Stunning Shoes

You can get about better in flats, but if you’re out to look sexy, shake them off and put on heels! Choose your heels carefully, you ought to be able to move well in them, not search for the balance with every step. All kind of heels will make a difference, and mind you are comfortable with them.

7. Walk Like you Own the World

Check your walk. Do you move confidently or as though you were not quite sure where you are going? Does your walk attract men’s looks? Do you feel glad to be noticed? Imagine you’re strutting the red carpet and enjoy the attention your graceful walk is drawing. You have become Miss Universe, and let others feel it!

Be sexy for your important people, but also be at your gorgeous best for your own sake. When you know you look fine, others sense it and enjoy it. Of course you’re worth looking splendid, do it, get in the feeling. Invent your own tricks that will boost your appearance confidence and the sweet surety that you’ve made it.

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