Woman Wears Corset 23 Hours a Day for Extra Thin Waistline

Some ladies torture themselves with diets for the sake of attractive forms, while others keep sweating in the gym for hours. Yet, some girls, like Penny from the UK, rely on a 19th century item of women’s wardrobe, namely the corset. We suggest having a look at what you can do with your body, if you constantly wear this slimming accessory.


In fact, apart from corsets, the British lady has another great passion in life – breast implants. She underwent her first breast augmentation when she was just 23 years old. Having increased the forms, Penny turned to waist correction and started wearing slimming corsets, thus developing the figure of a “doll”.

According to Penny, she managed to reduce her waist size from 96 to 71 centimeters thanks to constant wearing of a corset.

The Briton says that at some point she was able to achieve even more impressive results – 58 centimeters. To do this, she had to wear a corset for 23 hours a day, that is, almost constantly. However, she failed to keep the result – after some time, the extra centimeters of her waist began to come back again.

This year, Penny thought about an additional correction of her appearance – she wanted to get rid of scars on her breasts, resulting from several surgeries on changing her implants. To hear some tips on how to do this properly, the Briton went to two doctors from Los Angeles, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

Looking at their potential patient, the doctors gasped. Sharing his impressions, Dr. Dubrow said that Penny had the most unimaginable combination of chest and waist proportions he had ever seen.


In a conversation with the experts, the girl assured that she had absolutely no health problems, which surprised the doctors greatly. However, the Briton said that she had to eat very small portions of meals, avoid drinking soda, as well as exclude spicy foods from her diet.

That is like a certain lifestyle, and the girl just needs to follow the rules.

Despite Penny’s assurances that the corset was not harmful to her health, the doctors were quick to warn the girl.

Doctor Dubrow said he could not speak totally against the wearing of corsets, if that was done in moderation. According to the doctor, Penny definitely went too far, and it could lead to serious complications, such as the displacement of organs and lung damage.

However, the Briton disagrees with the doctors’ admonitions and does not intend to abstain from wearing the slimming accessory. According to her, a corset is just a special form of body modification.

It’s like making a work of art out of yourself, as the fan of corsets concludes.

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