Weirdest Manicure Trend Ever: Furry Nails

Much has been offered in recent years by the experts of nail art. Fashionistas have gone through black French manicure, caviar effect on the nails, and even hyperbolic bubble nails. Yet, the designers have managed to once again surprise the demanding audience. Now, the girls are offered to wear nothing but fur and feathers on their nails!


Jan Arnold became the strange fashion trendsetter. Her opinion is taken into account by many stylists and manicurists; she is a guru in the world of nail art. But it seems that even the best connoisseurs did not expect such a move from the famous designer. Jan was not kidding, when offering nails richly decorated with artificial fur, feathers, and fluff.

Beauty bloggers have immediately responded to such an unusual trend, and the network has gathered a lot of amusing pictures of “hairy nails” in just a week’s time. The girls have already started to think about trying this nail art and covering their nails in fur. However, it is assumed that such a manicure is intended for the fall-winter 2016 season, and fashion designers are getting ready for it in advance. This did not prevent many fashionable women from running experiments on the eve of spring.


The most interesting fact is that this trend has its own rules – the fur should be applied in a large layer. Moreover, it must be artificial and fluffy. As for the color, the experts advise paying attention to the light brown shades, rich bog-green and white colors.

Regarding the practicability of this trend in the sphere of fashion, different opinions have appeared. Some people have perceived the unusual piece of news with surprise, while others have opposed the new trend. Other girls are taking it with humor and suggest using such nails to tickle their boyfriends to tears. But there were also those who saw something exquisite and attractive in the “hairy” nails. In any case, these nails will look quite exotic!

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