Use Your Voice to Seduce a Man

Woman Seducing a ManResearchers from University of Aberdeen, Scotland, have conducted a study on what a woman needs to do to seduce a man. The research involved 30 men, who were asked to listen to recordings made by four women (all of them aged about 25), the phrase said by these women was “I really like you”. After this the men rated the women for attractiveness based only on their voices, without any pictures. It occurs, that the higher the tones, the more attractive the voice (for example, when the voice was slightly raised by increasing the playback speed).

This can be explained by the fact, that high voice tones are associated with youth and fertility in women. Even when the women’s voices were tuned higher than average, the men rated their attractiveness high. It’s notable, that when the women said “I don’t really like you”, the men didn’t find them attractive, no matter what’s the pitch. But when the same unpleasant phrase was played backwards, the men rated the voices as more attractive due to the quality of the voice, which was the only thing they heard.

So, in order to seduce a man it’s not enough to be beautiful, your voice should also be attractive for him and contain a clear message. Other seducing ticks are already known – a smile, an eye-to-eye look, a pleased expression. I can only add, that when it comes to seduction, you need to be self-confident, look good, neat and sexy and be a little mysterious. Make sure this is the man you are really interested in. And that’s it! Good luck.

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