Phrases Smart Men Never Say

Sometimes the words spoken contain more sense than we might expect. We share the list of phrases that betray fools.

“I’m smart”

A truly intelligent man will never praise his intelligence. He simply does not need to talk about his mind – everyone sees everything, you can’t deceive anyone with an empty talk. On the contrary, sometimes, a public demonstration of one’s virtues indicates a lack of tact and great mind or may also indicate narcissism.

In addition, as they say, “The more I know, the more I understand that I know nothing.” A really smart person will not even consider himself smart – because there is still so much that he does not know.

“You should take better care of your appearance”

This phrase – and similar straightforward and frankly boorish statements – suggests that the person who utters it not only treats you with disdain but also does not have manners, as well as developing intellectual abilities. Again, this can be the behavior of a narcissist. In this case, you need to run away from him as quickly as possible.

If the partner wants to discuss some subtle issue without offending you, he will choose a different path and definitely will not humiliate you in this way.

“There are only fools around”

A dismissive attitude (criticism, comparison, accusation) toward other people suggests that a person wants to appear better, more beautiful, or smarter against their background. As a rule, such people have a large number of complexes and an unreasonably overestimated self-esteem.

Therefore, all the attacks of other people do not indicate the uniqueness and importance of the speaker (as he would like), but reveal quite the opposite.

“This ex…” (non-constructive criticism follows)

Unfortunately, some men can say bad things about their past relationships. Criticism of ex-wives and soulmates should always be alarming. This indicates a lack of respect, tolerance, and most importantly – a lack of wisdom.

Once you felt good with this person, you were happy, and now you allow yourself to speak negatively about them in the presence of others. There is clearly a problem with self-esteem and relationships.

The same goes for talking about your family and friends. If a man condemns his mother or attributes all the sins of the world to his father in front of you, do not hesitate to leave and protect yourself from the company of such a person in the future.

Young couple arguing on color background

“I’m good at lying”

Some actions do not make a man better (in fact, they do nothing good to anyone). For example, a man may brag about how cleverly he evades child support or how he deceived and failed someone at work, thereby deserving a promotion.

Thus, he again demonstrates his superiority and disdain for others, while also being proud that he uses “dirty” methods. This cannot be considered a sign of intelligence. If you encounter this kind of behavior, think twice before continuing your relationship with your partner.

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