Gadget for a Princess. Swarovski and Altec Lansing Earphones

Swarovski and Altec Lansing EarphonesToday I’d like to tell you about a new gadget, that impressed me very much. I’ve already written about USB drives produced by Philips and Swarovski in “Active Crystals Luxury USB Drives by Philips and Swarovski“, they look really unusual and glamorous. But what I’ve found recently is something chic – the Swarovski earphones. They look so stylish, they are created for true women. They sparkle, but not that much as the USB drives, they are more moderate, modest, neat. This time the shining gadget was brought not by Altec Lansing.

I know nothing about the quality of the sound, judging by the price ($28), you shouldn’t expect anything outstanding. But just the way Swarovski earbuds look make them a perfect gift for a woman or girl. This is not just a gadget, this is a very beautiful and feminine accessory – you need no earrings with them. I think a woman wearing these earphones would look like a princess.

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