Active Crystals Luxury USB Drives by Philips & Swarovski

Heart Beatm USB Drive by Philips and SwarovskiWelcome technology and style in one – new USB memory sticks made by Philips and Swarovski. We all know those usual USB drives, that have already become so boring. These new ones will shine and shimmer and create a luxury look. Philips and Swarovski USB drives from Active Crystals collection differ from the old USB drives in the beautiful crystals embedded in them.

The whole collection includes four different designs of USB memory sticks: Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out. Heart Beat is a fashionable two-piece heart-shaped locket drive and can be worn as pendant. And Lock Out is a retractable padlock-shaped USB drive attaches to a keychain. Each USB drive holds 1GB of files. The whole collection will be available in department stores in August and will retail for $179 in the U.S. Here’s how they all look. They are so luxurious!

Active Crystals Luxury USB Drives by Philips and Swarovski

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