Too Many UK Women Find Life Dull

A recent poll showed that women in Great Britain are mostly dissatisfied with life that for many of them dwindles down to a thread of daily chores.

Woman cleaning

Work strains alternating with household duties get British ladies down with unceasing routine leaving little time and opportunity for leading a fulfilling social life. Holidays are too few and far between to permit them to pick themselves up and shake off the feeling that there is no variety in life.

The survey commissioned by Florette Fruit and involving 3,000 women found that two thirds of them feel bored on a regular basis. Almost 50 per cent say that having to do the same things every day makes them “sick and tired”; 46 per cent complained of having insufficient social life.

Daily routine and lack of socializing are followed by frequent complaints of jobs that are too onerous, having not enough holidays and keeping up with housework.

Many women are discontent with their appearance, fed up with depressing news and having little variety in their meals.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Elaine Smith of Florette Fruit said that women were trying to get too much into their lives, family, social and professional lives, and eventually found themselves shouldering too much responsibilities.

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