DIY Player Invites You to Keep All Your Gadgets Together

Rather unexpected and daring, that one, what? Let’s look into it. Designer Shao Wen came up with a concept device called the DIY Player that you can at your wish turn into – oh, anything, a cell phone, a gaming console, a media player.

DIY Player

Wen’s universal player is a base screen to which a number of modules can be attached. You plug in a keyboard to use it as a handset, and as soon as you need a gaming console or a player you just exchange the keyboard for the appropriate console.

DIY Player

Of course there are people who will jump at the gadget and people who don’t take to the idea of carrying a handful of keyboards and consoles and going through the endless bother of plugging in and out. These things want trying out to know whether they are really so convenient as they sound. But at the very least when you want to update you can get a new console without chucking the whole handset and buying a newest one.

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