Premium-Grade Swimwear Collection from Roberto Cavalli

Brand-name designers continue to tempt beach lovers with new releases of swimwear collections. Famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli supported this general enthusiasm and presented his summer creations to the public.

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-1

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-2

Roberto Cavalli was never fond of monotony, thus this collection is bright and has a lot of patterns. Here we see floral motifs, polka dots, and marine elements.

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-3

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-4

Two-piece swimsuits take interesting shapes, some models event feature asymmetry. With regard to one-piece models, Cavalli used effective cuts, which decorate the swimsuits, and even visually add special finesse to the figure.

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-6

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-10

The beach line also includes light tunics and shawls, which will be perfect additions to anyone’s summer image.

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-5

Roberto Cavalli Swimwear Collection-7

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