Singles Train to Help Find Love

You don’t rely on social networking when searching for a decent partner, want to meet people face to face? But in more gratifying surroundings than a bar? If it’s difficult for you to think of a suitable place to go and meet someone, consider a train. Yes, there is a special kind of train, created by Ropid, a public transport company in Prague, where only single people can ride.

Sand and love

Isn’t it a brilliant idea? Unfortunately, you won’t do right to hurry and buy a ticket to the Czech Republic, Ropid is billing the service for the end of the year. Der Spiegel informs that the train will be cruising in the Prague metro right after the morning rush and will board single people exclusively.

Filip Drapal, a spokesman for Ropid, stated that the “Courtship train” will be the first of a series of trains designed for maximum comfort – to enable people to do easily things they cannot very well do in a car, listening to music, playing games, socializing on the Internet, or just reading. Not mentioning finding people to talk to and maybe enter on a relationship.

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