New PETA Campaign "Silent Scream"

Some screams can’t be heard – this is the slogan of a new creative commercial presented by the PETA (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) organization. The authors of this video message call on people to abandon the use of fish for food. However, they have chosen a rather controversial analogy for this: the killing of fish is compared with domestic violence, robbery, and bullying at school.

Silent Scream

The video suggests different forms of violence: a little girl screams in fear for her mother, who is being beaten up by her father, an elderly woman cries for help during a robbery, and a boy screams from frustration and anger at the abusers in the school hallway. And the fish on the kitchen table can not cry – it only produces a silent “groan.”

The PETA organization explains that the comparison with the violence of the people and fish is not accidental:
Fish killed for food are often skinned and gutted while they’re still alive, with no consideration given to the pain and suffering they endure. Studies have found that fish not only feel pain but also anticipate, fear, and attempt to avoid it, just like humans do. ”

The authors of the video appeal to everyone to think better next time before going to the fish department and join the vegetarians.