Calcium Pills and Health Risks

Millions of people around the world take calcium additives. However, a new study found out that if calcium is taken continuously, the risk of cardiovascular disease may increase two-fold.


Today in the UK alone, about 5 million people take calcium additives. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and prevention of age-related diseases every year increases the number of people who do not want to think about atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoporosis etc as long as possible. So, taking additives that maintain body tone is quite a usual thing for the residents of the U.S.and European countries. But is it safe?

For 11 years German and Swiss scientists have been carrying out the study which involved 24 000 middle-aged and elderly people. The research was carried out in different directions. A variety of lifestyles and health outcomes were studied. However, scientists got interested in one thing in particular: people who are constantly taking calcium pills (alone or in combination with magnesium and vitamin D), had the heart attack risk doubled. Those who did not take additives and suffered a heart attack, had the ratio as follows: 1:700 and 1:350. At the same time, conventional medicine asserts that the daily dose (700 mg) can not cause any harm, but an overdose can only lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea. There is no convincing evidence yet that, coming into blood, calcium strengthens arteries, and, thus, increases the risk of heart attack.