In Search of the G-Spot, the Source of Female Orgasm

Woman Having OrgasmThe mysterious G-spot, or Graefenberg Spot, responsible for female orgasm has been searched for since the 80th. Many sexologists still call in question the existence of this source of female sexual satisfaction, others claim, that stimulating this zone triggers powerful vaginal orgasms. By means of vaginal ultrasound scientists from the University of L’Aquila in Italy have discovered, that some women have a thicker muscular wall in a particular zone of the vagina, and exactly these women achieve especially strong orgasms.

At the same time the opponents claim, that the thickening is not the reason, but the consequence of orgasm, as during it the vaginal muscles contract. In general, the truth has not been found yet and the existence of the G-spot has remained controversial, but scientists are going to conduct another, large-scale study on this pleasant theme. Hopefully, they will find the exact location of the G-spot. Anyway, the most important thing is that your lover finds it and knows, what to do with it.

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