10 Bad Sex Habits

Do you sometimes turn off the light before having sex, because you feel more comfortable in darkness? Do you sometimes tell your sexual partner, sex has been excellent, though you haven’t felt anything? Does having sex with your husband or boyfriend resemble a scenario you have learned by heart long ago? In this article, I will tell you about 10 most wide-spread bad bed habits lots of women (their lovers as well) have and why you should get rid of them. Make your sex life more exciting and varied with these tips.

Shyness in Bed

Modesty sometimes is sometimes considered as an advantage of a woman, but in bed it’s better to forget about it because it doesn’t allow a lot of your “dreams” to come true. And not only yours, men are often as conservative as some women and don’t want to experiment. Talk to your lover about sex and try to formulate your desires clearly. Fantasies and talks about it would help to discover your sexuality.

Refusal of Quick Sex

It is known that the importance of foreplay is sometimes overestimated. Try to take the initiative and turn to more vigorous actions. Undoubtedly, your lover would appreciate your control over the situation, because sometimes there is nothing more exciting than quick sex.

The Same Sex Positions

Most couples have just a pair of permanent sexual positions. This script seems to be too out of date. This is exactly the habit which makes sex monotonous and even boring. Don’t fear to put a veto on all usual sex positions and add a little inventiveness and piquancy to your sex life.

Sex under Studied Scenario

Forget about time-management and stop planning the time of having sex. Believe that nothing would make the life of even the most pedantic yuppie more exciting as unexpected sex in an unusual place.

Sex in Darkness

Lots of women prefer to make love in darkness. There can be many reasons of it, but the first one is dissatisfaction with own appearance. Before turning off the light, think for a while: why is he going to have sex with You? Because the way you look turns him on and there’s no need to hide yourself. Men are said to love with eyes, this is why nothing can turn your lover on as much as your naked body. So, let him see you while you are having sex. This will please you both much more.

Fake Orgasm

Play is valued in theatre and cinema but you shouldn’t abuse acting in bed. If you want to flatter you lover once again and to imitate unearthly bliss, think about the risk to bid farewell to the better sex life with real orgasm. Is the game worth the candle?

Only He Initiates Sex

Forget about sex only on His initiative. Fortunately, emancipation has exceeded social frames and vigorously intruded into private life. Such developments cannot but please your lover and you must understand that to be in control of the situation is extremely pleasant.

Serious Relationships

Laugh even in bed. Don’t be too serious: having fun together not only makes you closer, but also helps avoid awkward situations.

Silence during Sex

Compliments and talks about feelings are suitable nowhere but in bed. They increase mutual interest. So, don’t be silent, it would be useful and pleasant for you both.

Loving Yourself

It’s better to think of cellulite and other body defects before a hearty meal. In bed you should forget about all your defects. At this moment you’re the Most Wanted Woman.

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