8 Common Reasons Why Women Can’t Orgasm

According to statistics, 40% of women experience occasional problems with orgasm. But it would be wrong to blame only men. Here are some common causes of this problem.


1. Contraceptives

It may seem paradoxical, but the pills devised specifically for “sex without consequences”, unfortunately, reduce the female libido very often and contribute to the lack of orgasm. The scientists from Indiana University found that women using oral contraceptives, according to statistics, experience fewer orgasms, they have a decreased sex lust, and they do have sex less often. It is quite possible that the point is in libido because the less a woman makes love, the less often she orgasms.

2. Multitasking

Scanning of a human brain conducted by the researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands showed that certain areas are disabled in the body during orgasm. Therefore, a woman and a man need to relax as much as possible to reach orgasm during sex, and it is not always possible for ladies to do it. Female brain constantly solves different problems, while men’s brain thinks only about sex and easily relaxes during sex. When a woman is distracted by some thoughts, she will not have an orgasm.

3. Antidepressants

They are potent inhibitors of orgasm; they increase the levels of the serotonin hormone in the brain. This hormone, in turn, inhibits the action of dopamine that is necessary for sexual excitement. As a result, it leads to the lack of orgasm.

4. Genes

It is possible that women have evolved not to reach orgasm as long as possible. Scientists from St Thomas’ Hospital in London said that women needed this feature to find the perfect partner. If a man is not able to give a woman pleasure in bed, he will not be reliable in other areas as well.

5. Circulation problems

In men, these problems are known to cause erectile dysfunction. Erection itself is a consequence of the flow of blood into the body of penis. Some experts believe that the problems with orgasm in women may also be associated with blood circulation – the clitoris needs proper blood flow as well.

6. Wrong partner

There are many men, who just do not know how to please a woman in bed. They are not familiar with the peculiarities of female physiology or think only of themselves, and women are embarrassed to talk about it. Therefore, many women over 50, who have replaced their old husbands or partners, sometimes feel the first orgasm in life.

7 & 8. Old age and overweight

Both processes have a negative impact on the frequency of orgasms. With age, the level of testosterone in a woman’s body reduces, and it is often called the “hormone of orgasm.” Excess weight adversely affects the hormonal level as well.

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