Careers with the Lowest Job Satisfaction

An international group of scientists conducted a study to finally find out in which professions specialists feel deeply unhappy (this is not only a matter of low wages or devaluation of their activities). The results were very depressing rather than unexpected. The editors of talked to psychologists and found out whether representatives of certain professions are really more depressed than experts in other fields.

Junior medical staff (nurses)

Practically every tenth person working in this field faced with depression and a desire to escape somewhere far from what they have to do. Indeed, very few people dreamed of becoming a nurse when they were children. Every day of their professional life is dedicated to caring for the sick (feeding, cleaning, washing, monitoring that all medicines are taken in time, and so on) and maintaining cleanliness in the medical institution itself. It is natural that doing this from day to day they simply cannot forget about these things so quickly and continue to think about the worst moments.


While some people are touched by the fact that veterinarians have a dream rather than a job (they still think that they are only engaged in playing with cute pets all day), others realize that there is nothing beautiful in this activity. Many veterinarians, for example, are sure that it is very difficult and responsible to work with animals because if something happens, they will not even be able to answer you.

What about these unreliable owners, who first decide to have a furry pet and then think about getting rid of it? Of course, the burden of responsibility falls on the shoulders of a specialist, who will need to somehow “solve” this problem. Therefore, it is not surprising that people of this profession are more likely than others to suffer from burnout, depression or apathy and feel worse in general.

Social workers

Social workers are representatives of another profession that feel deeply unhappy. Every day, they have to communicate with people who have survived a tragedy in life, let these emotions pass through themselves and provide psychological help to those who are in trouble. In fact, it is not so simple as it seems at first glance.

In addition, they need to find time to fill numerous important papers, without which no office in the country can cope. It also takes a lot of strength and energy and does not affect the state of health and personal life in the most positive way.


Those who think that waiters have a completely carefree life and a comfortable existence (due to the large tips that generous visitors leave) are in fact mistaken. This profession, like the others on our list, requires special endurance and stress resistance. In addition, the representatives of this profession have to spend all their time on their feet, briskly running from table to table, so that the customers do not get nervous waiting for their orders for a long time.

In addition, if for some reason the visitor changes his mind… and the dish that you have already ordered the chef, you will have to pay extra money from your own pocket. Therefore, if you notice for yourself that you explode very quickly and are able to throw a plate in the offender’s face (or just break expensive crockery when flying into a temper), you definitely shouldn’t get involved in the restaurant business even temporarily. Instead, choose a calmer field of activity.

Shop assistants

People standing behind the counter and trying to sell their goods can hardly be called lucky. Firstly, they often cannot be sure that they will receive a decent salary next month. Secondly, they have to communicate with a large number of people, many of whom behave disrespectfully or simply waste the seller’s time and effort without buying anything in the end. Thirdly, the bosses, expecting multimillion profit and demanding a non-standard schedule, also do not add romance to this profession, but only depress workers and drive them into stress.

Showmen and artists

At first glance, it seems that their life is almost perfect – tours, business class flights, the best restaurants, and the most fashionable places, impressive fees, and an affable audience. What else can you dream of? But in reality, this is just the reverse side of the profession, enjoyed only by those who could achieve name recognition and win people’s love.

All other representatives of show business (especially beginners) are forced to put up with irregular work schedules, more than modest (and not always stable) earnings, mood swings and a depressive state. According to doctors, these people most often suffer from bipolar disorder and neurosis.

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