Woman’s Orgasm Is Based on Jealousy

Woman’s orgasm turns out to depend not only on the partner’s skills and your mood. Some portion of jealousy also plays its role.


American scientists from the University of Auckland in Michigan have found that the probability of female orgasm depends on the sexual attractiveness of men. Not in the eyes of the woman herself, but according to her potential rivals. In other words, if a woman sees that her beloved attracts other women, she experiences orgasms more often.

According to the authors of the study, man’s attractiveness in the eyes of women results from the archetype of “good genes” that has evolutionary origin. According to scientists, the problem of female orgasm is less related to the objectives of survival, but it is linked with the purposes of reproduction, that is, the birth of good children.

Women choose men, who will help them bear beautiful and healthy babies. It often depends on the appearance of a man, i.e. his sex appeal. The more attractive the man is, the higher is the chance of giving birth to good children, so women have orgasm more often with this man.

The researchers have come to this conclusion after tracing the link between female orgasm and the attractiveness of their partners. The women, who had a long term relationship (more than 6 months), talked in detail about the number of orgasms experienced. It turned out that women were significantly more likely to feel pleasure in bed, if other women found their men attractive.

But the woman’s own opinion about her beloved man’s attractiveness is not enough for an orgasm. This opinion must be shared by others.

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