Coffee Makes Woman's Breasts Smaller

The Swedish researchers from Lund University believe that the women, who regularly drink coffee and foods containing caffeine, risk losing their own breast volume.


This result was received during the recent experiments conducted by scientists. More than three hundred volunteering women were selected for the experiments. Some women regularly drank coffee, while other women completely abstained from drinking coffee.

In the end it turned out that the women, who drank more than three cups of coffee a day, lost almost eighteen percent of the original size of their own breast volume. The scientists believe the reason for this effect is that some gene is mutated. The gene that interacts with the drink leads to a change in the size of the bust. And this gene, that is capable of mutations, was found in fifty percent of women.

The reaction occurs only to caffeine. For this reason, the scientists advise the women, who want to keep their breasts in good shape, to drink less coffee and caffeinated beverages.

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