Today's Unhealthy Adults Age 15 Years Faster

The scientists at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment have conducted a study of human age-related changes.

Elderly woman

Adults Suffer from Various Diseases More Often Today

They found that the adults are in pretty poor health today, and therefore they are fifteen years older than their grandparents and even older than their parents, when they were in the same age category. And the thing is that the current generation is more prone to problems with pressure, obesity, diabetes, when compared to the previous generation.

The Aging Study

The researchers have fully studied the overall health condition in six thousand adults representing different age groups, from twenty to fifty years old. Their experiments generally covered the period of twenty five years.

As a result, the experts have found that the younger generation has quite poor metabolic health. For example, thirty-year-old modern men tend to be overweight by 20% more than men in previous generations. A woman of over twenty years old is twice as likely to be obese than, literally, a dozen years ago. Above all, today’s younger generation is increasingly suffering from hypertension than older generations at their age. Young people are more likely to have diabetes than their ancestors.

Control Your Weight to Prevent Premature Aging

Gerben Hulsegge, the author of the study, said that modern forty-year-old people are equal to fifty-five-year-old people from previous generations, according to the rate of obesity. He is absolutely convinced that the priority at which people need to focus their attention is just weight. It could be controlled with the help of exercise and a balanced diet.

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