5 Interesting Breast Facts You Didn’t Know

Let’s talk about the true function of male nipples, about the exercises aimed at beautiful breasts, and about whether mastopathy is harmful.

Bra does not save from sagging breasts

Many girls are convinced that wearing a bra is necessary: it supports the breasts, saving them from sagging. Alas, this is just a myth. Sagging breasts are a natural process caused by gravity. How quickly this happens to you depends on many factors (pregnancy, age, bad habits, body weight and breast size).

Wearing a bra is more about comfort and aesthetics (especially when there are so many attractive options). As for girls with larger sizes, the support of underwear is really necessary. Many women with large breasts even have surgeries to reduce their size and lower back pressure.

Breasts cannot be increased in the gym

There are no muscles in breasts, so you cannot build a larger bust with the help of exercises. At a young age, there is only adipose tissue, mammary glands and collagen inside the breasts, that is connective tissue that holds everything together.

As you get older, the skin tone worsens, and the mammary glands decrease. That is, the breasts not only lower, but they also lose shape and become less elastic. With the help of exercises you can keep the neckline in good shape.

Mastopathy is not dangerous

Mastopathy is a hormone-dependent state of female mammary glands, accompanied by the proliferation of glandular tissue. As a rule, this is accompanied by a slight discomfort: the bust seems to become heavier, and active movements cause discomfort.

These symptoms can increase and decrease during the cycle, and this is normal. This disorder does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. However, it is necessary to monitor changes in breasts and visit a specialist regularly.

Men are born as women

Men and women are created using the same genetic code, but few people know that each embryo first develops as a female. Nipples are formed in the embryo even before the appearance of gender differences. Only during the sixth-seventh week of pregnancy does the gene on the Y chromosome cause changes that lead to the development of testicles. After about nine weeks, they begin to produce testosterone, and this is leading to changes in the genitals and brain.

Nevertheless, during the first weeks of embryonic development, the body acquires nipples and breasts, and this process cannot be reversed. Only women need nipples to feed their baby, and in men they only perform an aesthetic function.

Breast cancer can be prevented

Breast cancer ranks second among fatal cancers in women. The first place is taken by lung cancer. Minimizing the risk is possible and necessary. There are two ways to get an objective evaluation of the mammary glands condition – ultrasound and breast X-ray (mammography). The former is preferred for women under 35 years old. Since the mammary glands are dense and elastic at this age, ultrasound can determine the presence of cysts and seals in the glands.

The process of any malignant neoplasm development follows the same scenario, and an untreated disease is always dangerous. If cancer is detected at an early stage, the prognosis for life and recovery is close to 100%. In order to identify pathological changes in time, each woman should visit a mammologist once a year.

For older patients, ultrasound may act as an additional diagnosis. Mammography is recommended for them as the main study. With age, the glandular tissue becomes less dense, and mammography allows the most accurate detection of cysts and tumors.

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