How Does the Woman with the Biggest Lips Look?

Many girls have augmented lips these days. This can be treated in different ways. But one woman decided to distinguish herself and become famous throughout the world. Read the story of a girl who wanted to have the biggest lips in the world.

A former student (she studied German philology), 22-year-old Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria set herself the goal of becoming the owner of the largest lips in the world. She has already made more than 15 injections of hyaluronic acid, and her mouth became 4 times larger than the original. Yet, it seems that Andrea will not stop there. In total, she has spent more than $2,000 on “her dream”.

Andrea is one of those who want to be like Barbie, which is evidenced by her platinum dyeing, large eyelashes, and bright makeup.

After Ivanova’s face changed so much, thousands of haters began to write angry messages to her, and men began to offer sex for money (she always refuses). “Everyone has the right to look the way they want, there is no need to fit the standards that were invented by others. This is a personal choice, and I’m not afraid to express myself”, she said to the critics in an interview with the Bulgarian Plovdiv News publication.

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