New Makeup Trend: One Color for Lips & Lashes

A manicure matching the shade of lipstick used to be a sign of good taste. Now brave girls makeup their eyelashes and lips in the same color.

Since the beginning of this year, two makeup artists – Isabelle De Vries from Australia and Lauren B. Brown from America – have been actively demonstrating a new trend (we really don’t know who the winner is in this competition!). The girls choose false eyelashes and colored mascara matching the color of lipstick and offer these products to their clients (or is it the other way round?). In some cases, even the eyeshadows match their philosophy.

To fully comply with the trend, Lauren even suggests applying the gloss that you have chosen for the lips to false eyelashes. In general, this is not a bad idea, given that many have long been using lipsticks and glosses to create smokey eyes. Dermatologists claim that this approach does not harm skin health.

By the way, the new fashion does not call everyone to use insane colors (purple or blue, although it looks very bold and bright). For example, you can choose brown mascara and gloss and remain a completely down-to-earth person.

In order not to exceed the reasonable limits, you can try different ways to apply it. For example, you can apply colored mascara on top of black one – so the shade will turn out to be more muffled and covered with a light haze. You can completely makeup your eyelashes with colored mascara, and this will add expressiveness to the look.

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