How To Handpick The Best Quality Sweatshirt For Ladies

Be it the cool and quick airport look or the casual winter outing, our celebrities love to flaunt their sweatshirt styles. They are comfortable and stylish, thus the craze amongst women. But finding the perfect sweatshirt can also be a challenge, as some are only stylish while others are just for the snuggling warmth. How can you find the ideal balance between the two and get a premium quality sweatshirt for ladies? Read on to find out.


A hoodie or sweatshirt is not something that you are going to buy very frequently. So, it is essential to check if you are taking the best one, as per your needs. Commonly, cotton and cotton blend sweatshirts are available. For moderate temperature, opt for 100% cotton hoodies. For colder regions, go for fleece. Before making a purchase, check the zipper quality, stitches and laces too.

Always make sure to check the quality of the hood and whether it fits over your head properly or not. A sweatshirt is ideally the most intelligent investment that you can make, but always try to keep it cost-effective. If you purchase a sweatshirt of excellent quality, then it should last you for many seasons.


While buying a sweatshirt, it is essential to mark off the purpose of the purchase clearly. Different types of sweatshirts are available in the market, based on the occasion. For college students who need to flaunt their style throughout the day, you need a sweatshirt, which is light but can also keep you warm. For a casual outing, you need a sweatshirt with an extra soft feel and the comfort of traveling along.

Similarly, there are full-sleeve and cropped style sweatshirts available as well, which can be styled for event you are wearing it to. You should also think of the bottom garment you will pair with the sweatshirt. They work well with a wide range of bottoms, from denim to pyjamas, trousers to palazzos. Keep this in mind, and then the one suiting your purpose best should be the perfect selection.


As simple as the design may seem, several intricacies rotate around the sweatshirts. Firstly, choose if you want one with a zipper or without it. The zipper placement also matters as they can be straight at the front, or run diagonally across the sweatshirt. If you are going with one without a zipper, then the neck style should matter the most.

Round neck sweatshirts are most commonly used. However, Chinese collars are also taking the right place in the industry. Keep an eye on the number of pockets and the pocket placement as well. Lastly, check the fit and choose your style, be it baggy or slim. There are also peppy designs for the hood that you can choose from.


The aspects of print and style are limitless when it comes to sweatshirts. Right from typographic to geometrical shapes, there are endless types of prints that you can get on a sweatshirt. With the customization industry blooming, you can also choose the quality of the material you want and then the print. This way, you can have women’s designer sweatshirts in as many styles as you want without compromising on the quality.

As for the fashion trends, block colored sweatshirts are in right now. A highlighted collar or neck pattern is also favored. In prints, geometrical shapes and polka dots take the position of best styles. If you are taking a sweatshirt for athletics, the lightweight cotton ones with your name printed on it work like a charm. You can experiment with the prints as much as you want, in terms of options there are plenty to explore.