Man’s View: Which Women Should Never Start a Relationship?

It would seem that the answer to this question is simple – quarrelsome, selfish ones and prone to lies, with no signs of a good education. However, this is sarcastically saying.


If you do not need a relationship, it is better not to start it, not to disrupt your and your partner’s life, and perhaps someone else’s. Many women think they are ready for a relationship when, in fact, it is not so. They only make their childhood dreams true. When faced with the reality, they quickly get disappointed.

So, there are women that should not start a relationship, in order not to be disappointed and not torture the man next to them.

I will tell you how to figure them out. (The portrait, of course, is collective – in particular, collected through personal experience, my friends’ experience, and that of social networks’ members).

They are undiplomatic

Very often, some of their partner’s habits can make them hopping mad, but instead of discussing this with a man, they complain to their friends, or parents – hers or his (this option is particularly “effective”).

They are arrogant

Particularly in relation to “lower class” men.

They are infantile

That is, they perceive the relationship with a partner as a tribute, probably following the childhood model when a kid receives food and other things through the relationship with parents. Maturity, in my opinion, is when a relationship is perceived irrespective of anything – when, instead of panicking, you think how you can solve the problem. It is a pity that this quality is inherent to few women.

They are impatient

It has been proved in practice that many marriages are failed due to hasty conclusions, and “fatal” words said to the partner. You will not believe how stupid men can act only because they are being nagged at – this makes them so nervous.

They have complexes

Instead of discussing problems with the man, they suppress their discontent, which, nevertheless, is growing like a snowball.

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