Simple Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Politeness is not difficult to display, it is just a sign of respect for self and others. However, there are a few things, which are not known to everyone. has gathered the rules that can make our lives more pleasant.


1. Never come to visit without calling

If you have been visited without warning, you may be wearing a bathrobe and curlers. One British lady said that when guests came to visit her without warning, she always put on shoes and a hat and took an umbrella. If a person was pleasant, she exclaimed, “Oh, how fortunate, I have just come back!”. If the person was unpleasant, she said, “Oh, it is a pity, I have to leave.”

2. An umbrella is never dried open

An umbrella is never dried open – neither in the office nor on a visit. It needs to be folded and hung or put on a special stand.

3. Do not put your bag on your lap or on your chair

A small cute bag or a clutch can be put on the table, while a bulky bag should be hung on the back of a chair or put on the floor, if there is no special chair (as offered in restaurants). A briefcase should be put on the floor.

4. Carrying plastic bags

Plastic bags are only appropriate when returning from the supermarket, as well as paper bags from boutiques. Carrying them instead of a bag is slobbery.

5. A man never carries a handbag

In addition, he takes a woman’s coat only to bring it to the locker room.

6. Home clothing should be decent

Home clothing means pants and a sweater – comfortable and decent-looking. A bathrobe and pajamas are worn when going to the bathroom in the morning and from the bathroom to the bedroom in the evening.

7. Teach your children to knock

From the moment a child moves into a separate room, knock before coming into his/her room. Then he/she will do the same before entering your bedroom.

8. Wearing a hat indoors

A woman can wear a hat and gloves indoors, but no hat and mittens.

9. Rules of wearing jewelry

The total amount of jewelry on international protocol should not exceed 13 pieces, including jewelry buttons. Do not wear a ring over the gloves, but a bracelet is permissible. The darker it is outside, the more expensive the jewelry is. Diamonds were once considered an evening decoration for married women, but in recent years, they have become appropriate in the daytime. 0.25 carat diamond stud earrings look quite appropriate on a young girl.

10. Bill payment in a restaurant

If you say “I invite you”, that means you pay for the dinner. If a woman invites a business partner to the restaurant, she pays. The phrase “Let’s go to the restaurant” means each person pays for himself or herself, and only if the man offers to pay for the woman, she may agree.

11. Entering the elevator

A man is always first to enter the elevator. However, the first one to come out is the one who is closer to the door.

12. Car etiquette

The safest place in a car is behind the driver – a woman should take it. A man sits down next to her, and when she comes out of the car, he holds the door and takes the woman’s hand. If a man is driving, the woman should also take a seat behind him. However, wherever a woman sits, the man should open the door for her and help her to get out. In business etiquette, men are increasingly violating this rule, using the feminist motto, “There are no women and men in business.”

13. Announcing you are on a diet is bad taste

Moreover, you should not use it as a pretext to refuse the dishes served by the hospitable hostess. Be sure to praise her culinary talents, at the same time you may eat nothing. The same concerns alcohol. It is not necessary to inform everyone why you cannot drink. Ask for some dry white wine and take a little sip.

14. Taboos for polite conversation: politics, religion, health, money

It is inappropriate to say, “God, what a dress! How much did you pay for it? “. How can you respond? Give a cute smile and say this is a gift. Change the topic of the conversation. If the interlocutor insists, say politely that you do not want to talk about it.

15. Do not gossip

Discussing people behind their backs, or simply gossiping, is unacceptable. It is not permissible to speak ill of loved ones, in particular, to discuss husbands. If the husband is bad, why don’t you divorce him? It is also not permissible to speak about the native country with contempt. Do not say all people are slobs in your country – in this case, you also belong to this category of people.

16. Behavior in the theater

Coming to the cinema, theater or concert, go to your seat facing those who are sitting. A man goes first.

17. What should you keep in secret?

Nine things should be kept confidential: age, wealth a chink in the house, a prayer, the composition of a drug, a love affair, a gift, honor, and dishonor.

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