Looking Young More Important for Women Than Being Slim

British sociologists have found out that women like to hear compliments about their young look rather than about slimness. The majority begins to worry about how young they look after they turn 40.


If you believe the pollsters, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz must have started having complexes about their age – these women are in their forties. The survey showed that two-thirds of women use anti-aging products every day, and 20% are worried about how young they look.

41% of the respondents would like to look younger. The age of 40 has been called a turning point – just after it, women begin to seriously worry about their elusive youth. However, these concerns are weakened over the years, and at 55 women are not in the least worried about their youthfulness. 20% of the girls under the age of 24 believe that they look older than their age. 15% of mothers start worrying about their looks when their children start going to school.

Wrinkles have been called the greatest concern of all age-related appearance changes, according to 70% of the respondents. The second place is taken by tooth loss (37%), and the third, surprisingly – by age forgetfulness (24%). Still, the greatest compliment that you can make a woman over 35 is saying how young she looks. For 60% of respondents there is nothing more pleasant than these words, and a compliment on a slim figure means much less.

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