Why Do Men Cheat in a Relationship?

The experts from the Charles University (the Czech Republic) studied such a sensitive family problem as cheating and found out that the behavior of husbands depended on their childish reminiscence of seeing adultery of their parents in relation to each other.

Sexual Partners

Dr. Jan Havlíček surveyed 86 couples and found out that the men who knew about the cheating of their fathers would easily break marriage vows of fidelity. It is interesting that women were not influenced by the facts of their mothers’ infidelity.

There has been another sociological study on adultery in the Czech Republic recently. Its results show that men and women have the same reason for infidelity, but they see it in different ways. Both men and women are looking for new experiences and changes. But men are interested in finding something new in sex, and women want to refresh their feelings.

Meanwhile, 56% of the husbands, who had had an extramarital affair, said they loved their wives and had felt remorse after cheating.

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