Do Anti-Age Creams Really Work?

Are anti-age creams really ineffective? Anyway, this is what the researchers from the University of Bath (UK) claim. They believe that these creams do not produce the anti-aging effect, which is promised by the manufacturers. It might be just a publicity stunt.

Cosmetic products against wrinkles

The corporations, engaged in the production of facial cosmetics, sometimes claim that their creams contain nanoparticles that get deep into the skin and rejuvenate it from within.

Indeed, there are nanoparticles there. However, the leader of the study, Professor Richard Guy, says that they do not penetrate deep enough to reduce wrinkles, and the visible effect is noticed because the cream just nourishes the skin. Thus, the researchers conclude that anti-aging creams are not particularly different from moisturizing and nourishing creams, so there is no point in spending fabulous sums of money buying them.

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