Wedding Planning Tasks the Groom Will Appreciate

Is your man secretly scared by the prospect of marriage or is he thrilled by it as much as women are? Well, maybe not exactly thrilled, at least not up to women’s level of excitement, but they certainly love some things about the arrangements.


Maybe not the traditional stuff, though. Times have changed, and the notion of fathers solemnly giving away their modestly white-clad daughters to highly eligible and family-chosen brides does seem out of place, if not downright ridiculous. There’s hardly a girl nowadays who looks upon the event as a handing-over occasion, and largely the issues of parental endorsement, dependence and virginity are given but a slight consideration (if any). Although the picture of a traditional wedding may still be firmly present in some minds, other people can be found to set little store by old world splendor of the thing. Nevertheless, some planning and a certain amount of pomp are definitely due. When you get down to scheduling the events that are to transpire before the partying sweeps the guests, there are at least six things both the fiancé and the fiancée will share the enjoyment of. Some of the occasions to look forward to are set here.

Discussions over wineglasses

The bottle is pleasantly full as you sit down to weigh possibilities of clothing colors. You let your imagination run away with you as wine gets drunk, and you didn’t notice the day wear off while you’re deep into talking over music for the wedding. Hey, that has been one exciting evening!

Thinking up clothes for your friends

Wedding is the only occasion when you have a whip hand on what your friends should (and shouldn’t) wear. You are going to use your authority and derive pleasure from that, too! It almost comes to the good old fun of doll dressing as you mentally try on your best pals an assortment of tuxedos, plaid suits and whatever comes into your head.

Realizing that there are limits

As you set about brainstorming the big event, at first ideas crowd up and come together into a superb picture of a sea of flowers and statues studding the place with your favorite band raging on the stage and laser show putting the final touches on the celebration. Then cooler winds blow and sweep the gilded edges away as you realize that the bottom has dropped out of your budget. It may end up with the man grieving that he can’t supply the dreams. But as you both begin trimming the stuff you can do without, it emerges that love shines brighter than lasers. How nice to be feeling that you are getting married – with or without decorative fluff.

Imagining how the girl will look on the day

There must be hundreds of eye-sore photographs from weddings that you saw, including glossy images of a happiness-infused bride that is the very embodiment of perfection. Once the man is well into the arrangements and the reality of what’s going to happen has grown on him some, he begins to picture you as the main participant, in the most gorgeous dress imaginable, with your hair done and a radiating smile on your face. This is romance at its peak, not to be forgotten over the years to come.

Joining forces

Inevitably, there will come a moment when you come under fire from a relative or a friend who thinks that your wedding arrangements are featherbrained. They want you to stick to traditions or, on the other hand, to cast everything customary to the wind. The drinks are not suitable for the occasion, and the menu is all wrong. Now, you will probably agree on some alterations to mollify the dissentient member of the festivity, but there is stuff you want to have, and you’ll team up in defense of your choices. It may be the first time you show the world you’re united and stand your ground as one.

Understanding your values and signatures

So, the family you’ve been coming to the creation of is almost there, and about to proclaim itself as an existing unit. You may not have given a thought to it before, but it will come with a set of values and claims, effigies and symbolic banners that you are just starting to figure out. Isn’t it a wonderful discovery, or rather many small wonderful discoveries, that you are making together? Some of these values and symbols may be prominent at the wedding ceremony and make both of you proud of establishing a unique atmosphere of your own.

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