Spouses Who Meet Through Online Dating More Likely to Split


Scientists from the University of Michigan in the United States found that couples who meet through the Internet split much more often than couples who chose a more conservative way of dating. Meanwhile, the World Wide Web has become the main tool for communication between strangers.


20-30 years ago, lonely people rushed to clubs and restaurants, attended the so-called “speed dating”, met with their friends’ or relatives’ friends, or tried to strike up a conversation in the street, if they wanted to find a partner. Almost all of these methods required great courage and personal eye-to-eye communication.

Dating via the Internet turned a boon for shy people. Online communication, in which the interlocutors do not see each other, have time to think through their answers and can interrupt the conversation at any moment, became the main method of communication and dating for both middle-aged and young people. The Internet opens the boundaries of communication, quickly linking the people living in different parts of our planet. Dating sites continue to record strong influx of lonely hearts looking for their mates.

However, American scientists have concluded that those couples who meet through the Internet break up more often than those who prefer traditional methods of communication. The reasons for this are unknown, but it is assumed that the partners, whose relationship has been formed so easily, value it less and destroy it with greater determination because they believe that they will create a new one easily, too.

Among other factors determining the couple’s future is the quality of sex life and the level of mutual trust.