Spontaneity Is the Key to a Happy Marriage

Spontaneity can significantly improve your sex life, but predictability and routine generally kill all interest in sex over time. That is the conclusion reached by the researchers from the UK, led by psychologist Jo Hemmings.


Some nice romantic surprise that your beloved one has organized for you will make you 20% happier for one and a half days, as established by psychologists. They also found that men are more impulsive than women and generally consider planning a stressful occupation. But women feel excellent, when they are engaged in arranging something.

The study has showed that spontaneity is the magic ingredient that allows improving sex life and the pleasure you get from the relationship as such. You just need to abandon the well-established schemes, predictability and routine and fill the relationship with “regular spontaneity.” 30 British couples who took part in the experiment led by Dr. Jo Hemmings saw from their own experience that the unexpected display of affection (such as kissing and hugging) could increase the pleasure of the relationship twice and increase the duration of sex by 33%.

The number of couples making love every day increased by a quarter during the period when the experiment was conducted, while the number of the couples who did not have sex, was reduced by half. Each of the couples involved in the study analyzed all that daily routine they had and tried to incorporate some pleasant surprises into it.

Jo Hemmings says impulsive behavior positively affects the sexual life of the spouses. Inclusion of spontaneity into your life improves the communication between spouses, making them more confident in themselves and their feelings; strengthens relationships and increases the general level of family life happiness!

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