Sex with Ex-Husband Beneficial to Woman

American scientists from the University of Arizona believe that sex with ex-husband or boyfriend can be a great idea. They believe that in this way a woman will be able to quickly overcome the psychological trauma caused by the separation.

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Most women, who have passed through an agonizing divorce, do not understand “male cruelty”: their ex-husbands never want to disappear somewhere far away to make it possible for the ex-wife to forget them faster. On the contrary, time passes and men suddenly start to call, ask for a visit and even demonstrate more visible signs of attention. Thus, from a psychological point of view, divorce is transformed into an endless “bleeding ulcer.”

In fact, men are not that “sadistic” and their stubborn refusal to disappear forever can benefit the women’s psyche. For example, the scientists have found that sex with ex-husband or boyfriend can help the woman overcome the psychological trauma caused by the separation significantly faster (of course, if there is any separation).

The researchers interviewed 137 newly divorced adults to find out whether they preserved any relationship with their former spouses. 82.5% answered in the affirmative, while 21.9% were even engaged in a sexual affair with their ex-spouse. The more serious the psychological trauma caused by the divorce was, the greater the relief was brought by an intimate relationship with a former partner.

However, making love with the former spouse did not cause any particular emotions in those who found divorce to be something quite normal. Psychologists believe that divorce can leave some ties that we need to get rid of. Sex with ex-husband helps some women find a sense of security and at least partial psychological liberation.

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