Amino Acids Function & Health Benefits

How can you slow down the biological clock? Everyone wants to stay young, keep a positive attitude and have a slim figure. Amino acids can help!


Where Do Amino Acids Come From?

More than a half of the required amino acids are synthesized by the human body in the liver, but the body may lack them, just as the amino acids that are obtained from food. Stresses, infections, and aging processes may violate the synthesis of all the required substances. It will lead to exhaustion, impaired vision, decreased mental and physical activity. How can you protect yourself from a deficiency of amino acids?

What Are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the “source of life”, from which proteins are formed. Today, part of our food is fast food, which contains high levels of simple carbohydrates and fats. However, such foods often lack proteins. In addition to fast food, the diet of a modern man includes a lot of sugar, all kinds of confectionery products, which can also lead to the deficiency of proteins. The first symptoms of the lack of amino acids may be loss of appetite, fatigue, apathy, hair loss and the deterioration of the skin. Even a slight deficiency can cause the consumption of amino acids from muscle tissue due to the need to support the work of the heart and brain, hence the symptoms of exhaustion and apathy.

Which Foods Provide Amino Acids?

Some amino acids slow down the aging process, so people over 40 should pay special attention to the products that contain proteins and will help them remain in better shape for many years to come.


For example, proline is used by the body for the production of collagen, the building blocks for the skin, bones, tendons and ligaments. Proline is found in eggs and dairy products.



Tyrosine is an amino acid, which determines a good mood and supports the brain function. This substance causes the pituitary gland to produce the growth hormone, which has earned the name “youth hormone” due to its qualities. It reduces anxiety and increases libido. The natural sources of tyrosine include milk, almonds, avocados, bananas, eggs, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.


Arginine is an indispensable amino acid for children. With age, it is produced in small quantities, but in fact, we could use some of its properties in adulthood! One of the main functions of arginine is maintaining the fertility of men, but the substance is necessary not only for men. Children and the people, weakened by an illness, have a very high demand for arginine, as it heals wounds, forms collagen, stimulates the body’s immune system, normalizes weight, and is also involved in the production of the growth hormone.


Another essential amino acid methionine has the ability to lower the levels of cholesterol and possesses powerful antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that methionine has a favorable effect in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and restores liver and kidneys. This is the least abundant amino acid, and it can be obtained from the foods, rich in proteins. The best source of methionine is low-fat varieties of meat. Plant foods (peanuts, beans) have 5-10 times lower content of this material than the foods of animal origin. One must know that excessive methionine is converted into homocysteine, which worsens the condition of the people suffering from heart disease.

Salmon Is Rich in Proteins


Another amino acid with a pronounced anti-age effect is called taurine. The basic properties of this amino acid are very diverse. Taurine not only protects the brain from harmful factors and slows down its aging, but also prevents the development of arrhythmias, promotes weight loss, helps the immune system and is involved in the synthesis of other amino acids. Fish is the best source of taurine, but it is also found in dairy products. Vegans, who totally remove animal products from their nutrition, are at risk for the deficiency of this essential amino acid in the body.

Sports Amino Acids

Many amino acids are contained in products, but it is not always possible to obtain the desired amount from the food, so athletes and the people recovering from severe illnesses take the so-called sports amino acids (amino acids for muscles and amino acids for growth). These medications are sold in pharmacies.


Amino Acids Contraindications

Although amino acids from the pharmacy are not a medicine, they have contraindications. If there is a disruption in metabolism, it is better to balance your diet as good as possible before taking an amino acid complex. Dietary supplements are also highly undesirable during pregnancy because there have been no large-scale studies of these supplements and no one can predict their effect on the developing child in the womb. However, medications with amino acids help the people of mature age, continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle and having no serious health problems, to prolong youth.

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