Most People Would Answer the Phone During Sex

There can be no doubt that the mobile phone has long become an important part in our lives, but can you imagine just how important? There’s a survey conducted by Vodafone which reveals a few facts showing that people reach for their phones whenever they hear a ring – no matter what they are doing at the moment!

Talking on the Phone during a Sexual Intercourse?

Nearly 33% of Brits are so business-minded that they pick up the phone while having sex, the poll of over 2,000 people sums up, without thinking first what an inappropriate time for a call it is. More than a half of the polled said they would think nothing of answering a call during a wedding ceremony.

For 45% it is perfectly natural to take a call during their lunch break, and even more people, 57%, don’t put the toilet beyond the pale – although talking on the phone from a toilet seat turned out to be men’s hobby rather than women’s.

That’s understandable when we learn that 90% of mobile phone users state they received one or more important calls – they have reasons to treat phone calls seriously. It was a job offer for more than 1 in 4, the news of their child’s birth for almost 15%, and there’s 1% of people who used their phones to propose!

Vodafone’s Consumer Director, Srini Gopalan, commented that Brits seem to be “desperate not to miss out on the latest gossip” in practically any circumstances. Although situations like romantic dinners, bedroom encounters or toilet seclusions should probably not be regarded as suitable for conversations.

The darker side of the picture is represented by some 40% who said that people are losing conversational abilities, and 21% were sure it is due to the influence of the social media and the text message habit.

About 20% complained that listening skills are also on the wane, while 17% claimed to be aggrieved by the fact that people are no longer inclined to maintain quality conversation or even talk at all.