Men Don’t Marry Their Office Girls Anymore

Why did bosses cease to marry their silly, but beautiful secretaries? U.S. researchers have found that this is due to the desire of educated people to choose life companions of their own kind.


American scientists from the National Bureau of Economic Research have found a significant increase in the number of couples consisting of men and women with the same educational level. Men marry their own kind, so modern women increasingly enter universities and spend a lot of money for education.

Being successful in building a career, men are increasingly choosing educated girlfriends, and bosses no longer marry their secretaries. Future couples are often formed in the universities, and the number of office romances is reduced. Men cease to be attracted to cute girls from other social strata, as they sometimes cannot find anything to talk with them about.

In 2005, nearly a half of male graduates in the U.S. were married to the women who also had a university education. In 1960, the number was only 25%. On the other hand, in 2005, almost 60% of women with a secondary or technical education were in a marriage with men who also had only school education. In the 1960-s, the number of such marriages was only 40%.

The experts explain that these changes are determined by social mobility and the increased number of women storming the universities. Few people are tempted by an image of a happy housewife, who has never thought about her career or education. In the 1960-s, nurses got married with doctors, and businessmen chose their secretaries as wives, but nowadays such families are a rare thing in the U.S.