Natural Lighting Makes Employees Less Productive


Scientists from the U.S. claim that the worse the weather is, the better the brain of the office employees works. Rain, mud, and slush set up the clerks’ working mood better than a professional training manager.


American researchers studied the daily productivity records of the employees of several Japanese banks. The results of this research clearly showed that the lack of sunlight made office workers more focused on work.

Charts of the clerks’ activity testified that the brighter the daylight became, the more slowly the work was performed, and vice versa, the worse the weather became, the higher results a group of volunteers demonstrated.

The researchers explained this phenomenon as follows: the office workers, whose working day lasts a fixed number of hours, want to spend more time outside in clear weather.

Sunlight relaxes and gives a romantic mood, thereby diverting from routine work. Accordingly, the productivity is significantly lower at this time.

Having made this unexpected discovery, scientists do not rush to give advice to the owners of large companies. They hope that businessmen will not try to deprive their employees of the right to look out of the window and enjoy nature after the publication of this scientific paper.