Marital Cheating Forgiven by Every Fourth Man

Women stand a fairly good chance of being forgiven for adultery, at least in Great Britain, as we know from a recent poll that involved a 1,000 people which has been commissioned by Trying to assess the current attitude towards infidelity, they discovered that nearly 25 per cent of Britishers said they will find it in themselves to forgive and forget.


And should some lucky woman chance to bed David Beckham, every tenth man will be so understanding as to wink at that!

The survey gives us a hint at the source of so good an understanding. 28 per cent of men said they were ready to make love to their dream lady even if it means jeopardizing their current relations.

As for women, they see eye-to-eye with men. About the same number, 24 per cent, said they would be inclined to pass over an instance of infidelity.

“There have been a number of very high profile examples of people playing away from home, which may be influencing the nation’s views of infidelity,” said a spokesperson for in the summing-up.

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