Chanel Extreme Orient Makeup Mini-Collection

Peter Phillips, the chief makeup artist at Chanel, is the author of yet another masterpiece – a new mini-collection of summer makeup products called Extreme Orient. The collection consists of only four products, but the products are remarkably outstanding! Gold, luxury, style, and elegance!

Chanel Extreme Orient Makeup

Chanel Extreme Orient mini-collection will be available for sale exclusively at the brand’s boutiques in May 2010.

Chanel Extreme Orient Makeup Mini-Collection

The collection includes: three nail polishes, which are extremely rich in color and texture, and unique palette Chanel Ombre duo (eyeshadows + eye liner).

Chanel Ombre Duo

Chanel Ombre duo- golden eyeshadows in combination with black eyeliner. On the photo: the makeup is done using the new duo palette (the image reminds us Amy Winehouse, don’t you agree?).

Chanel Ombre Duo Makeup

Nail polish Le Vernis in three colors:

  • #430 Black Velvet
  • #440 Gold Lame
  • #450 Illusion D’Or

Chanel Nail Polish Le Vernis

Manicure variations offered by this collection are pure elegance- ”invert” French manicure.

Nail polish Le Vernis Manicure

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