It is Proven: Men See Six Time Worse Than Women

He: Where’s the butter?
She: In the fridge.
He: I’m looking exactly here and there’s no butter.
She: It IS there, I put it to the fridge only ten minutes ago!
He: No, you must have stuck it somewhere else. There’s NO butter in this fridge!

Beautiful Woman’ EyeFor many this dialog will appear familiar. After these words She strides to the kitchen, pulls the fridge door and like with a wave of a wand takes out the butter-dish. Inexperienced men find it a mean trick and blame women for hiding things from them. Keys, underwear, socks, shoes – this all is here, men just can’t find it! But why can’t they?

The answer is hidden in our history. Very long time ago, when our forefathers lived in caves and had a warm in the fire in the evenings, men had to leave every day and hunt for food for the family. In order to see and follow the goal far off, the hunter needed the ability to see for long distances, everything else was set aside and did not draw away. And Clever Nature took care of men already in those ancient times. The field of the vision of the vast majority of men was formed like a tunnel: a man can see a plenty tight space, but far – and exactly this provides him the ability of hunting a distanced object.

In her turn a woman of those days stayed at home, took care of children and household and needed to have in view everything around in case of danger or threat to her descendants. That’s why the Nature programmed her in such a way, that if she looks at one object, she can also see everything around it within a radius of almost 180 degree. This explains the fact that she can find a thing in the fridge or wardrobe much easier than a man, who has only about a 30 degree vision radius.

Man’s Eyesight

What he sees: “Tunnel-like” eyesight of men (30 degree radius)

Woman’s Eyesight

What she sees: “Broad” eyesight of women (180 degree radius)

And this is why a man needs to turn his head right-left and up and down to find the “vanished” object. An average woman needs only to take a look at the open fridge to have the full sight of everything there and to find the object in seconds.

By the way, the men’s habit to gaze after beautiful women, which as often as not irritates and offends wives and girlfriends, is connected with these very particularities of men’s and women’s eyesight. In reality this doesn’t mean women don’t gaze after the nice men nearby – they also commit this sin, they just don’t need to turn head or focus the eyesight at the object.

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