Controlling Cholesterol For Your Beauty And Health

Healthy FoodToday I decided to write on the topic which is concerned with both beauty and health of both women and men – cholesterol. Cholesterol is manufactured by liver from digested fats and is essential for the synthesis of vitamin В and some hormones. Cholesterol is carried in the blood and its level is influenced by the diet, because cholesterol is present in food. If blood cholesterol level is too high (more than 60 mg), this is dangerous, because too much cholesterol blocks the arteries, interrupts the blood supply to the heart and leads to atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease (or heart attack) and stroke.

What is “good” and “bad” cholesterol

Dietary Cholesterol (contained in food) can be “good” and “bad”. “Good” cholesterol (High-density lipoprotein) is contained in healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, it gives the body necessary energy. “Bad” cholesterol (or Low-density lipoprotein), which is contained, for example, in junk food, is dangerous, because this is the fat which, if not burned during exercising, builds up in arteries and blocks them.

“Apple” and “pear” figure types

If you see someone overweight, unfortunately this means, as a rule, that this person either has or will have heart problems. Normally fat accumulates around belly and hips. The first situation (fat belly) provides so-called apple-like figure, which is more typical for men. The second one makes the figure pear-like (the biggest body part are hips) – this is more characteristic for women . Both are not supposed to look ideal, but those who are “pears” are more lucky, because it is very unlikely for them to have heart problems. It however does not mean they can consume tones of sweets and hamburgers with no affect on their health – they should also keep fit. Those whose figures are apple-like should really wary of their health, because exactly they are the risk group which develops heart diseases. People with this figure type need to start to work on their body as early as possible in order not to let “bad” cholesterol and fat build up in arteries and form plaques.

How to control and lower blood cholesterol

But what should “apples” do? What can they eat without fear for their health? Or how can one lower blood cholesterol? The most effective drugs for the treatment of high cholesterol are statins. They inhibit the liver enzyme used in the manufacture of cholesterol. But before doctors prescribe statins, there are other ways. In order to keep cholesterol level in the normal range, regular sports, keeping a healthy weight and a balanced diet are of vital importance. Even if you do not consume cholesterol, your liver manufactures it for the body’s needs. But the less cholesterol you consume, the better. If you want to control blood cholesterol, avoid foods that contain a lot of cholesterol: for example, eat less meats and eggs. All animal foods contain cholesterol and eggs are also known as a “cholesterol bomb” because of the high cholesterol content. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and grains without oily dressings. For the food preparation it’s better to use oils like sunflower, corn or olive (the best one). Choose low-fat yoghurts, cottage cheese, egg whites instead of whole eggs, skimmed milk. Avoid fatty and fried foods, junk food, lots of sugar, stop smoking, control alcohol intake, keep fit, relax regularly and avoid stress. Following these hints will significantly help reduce blood cholesterol.

Healthy Food

In conclusion I would like to agitate everybody to struggle against fat, declare war against cholesterol, be beautiful and neither an apple nor a pear.

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