International Kissing Day

Woman and Man KissingThe 6th July is International Kissing Day! Congratulations to all, especially to beauties 🙂 People kiss all over the world. In modern Western culture kissing is the expression of affection, sexual desire, greeting. People kiss their lovers, children, parents, even pets. Kissing is present in everyone’s life. The longest kiss was recorded on April 5 1999 in Tel Aviv, Israel, during a kissing contest, and this kiss lasted 30 hours 45 minutes. Scientists still argue about the origins of kissing: whether kissing is a learned or an instinctive behavior. Kissing is also seen between animals. According to one of the versions, kissing is supposed to come to us, humans, from birds, who premasticate food for their children. One more origin version is that kissing is related to grooming behavior. Kissing allows to taste and smell each other’s pheromones and thus check the biological compatibility of the couple – whether they have the right “chemistry” or not. The consensus has not been reached yet, but kissing is everywhere and this is the fact. Let’s kiss each other 🙂

And here is a cute song to the theme. Enjoy!

Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me:

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