Why Husband Doesn't Want Sex

Nowadays, women are quite often visiting psychologists with a delicate question: “My husband does not want me. Is that because he doesn’t love me any more?”

Couple Having Sex

For some period of time, reluctance to have a sexual intercourse was considered a purely female problem. Meanwhile, lack of sex drive on the part of men is a common natural phenomenon that one should not be afraid of.

Geniusbeauty.com will analyze key reasons for the lack of sex drive in men and find a way out of this situation.

Talk about Your Sex Life

If you notice that the man of your dreams has begun to pay less attention to you sexually, try to talk to him, find out why he does not want sex. This must be done without quarrels and hysteria, by just discussing it calmly. You may learn something you had no idea about.

There are two difficult issues about this conversation. Ask yourself the question whether you are ready to learn the truth about why the man does not want you. This truth can change your life drastically, after all.
Are you sure you do not like the fact that your husband is less drawn to you? In fact, modern society determines the frequency of our sexual intercourse and dictates a more active sex position. We can be quite satisfied with infrequent sex or temporary lack of it because at this time our family is preoccupied with other things (a new job, a newborn baby, a new hobby, which seems so involving to us that there is no time to think of anything else). Comparing ourselves to others, we can get convinced easily that the situation is a nightmare, and that everything is wrong!

If you still decide to have a conversation with your husband and there are some reasons for the problem that you have found, you should discuss the details.

Sex and Health Facts

Genetic Problems or Strict Moral Affect Men’s Sexuality

The man, who has suffered from such problems, always has some difficulties with his sexual life.

3% of men have genetically weak sexual constitution and a low level of sexual activity. On the other hand, the child’s sexuality could have been suppressed, for example, by too strict and puritanical upbringing, or the child/adolescent could have been forced to live in a single-sex environment for a long time, so his sexual development is slow or develops in a homosexual direction.

Such men can start a family, but they have physiological and psychological difficulties in their sexual intercourse with a woman.

Way out: plain psychology cannot resolve such problems, so you should refer to a sex therapist and psychologist. In this case, the wife should provide maximum patience and participation.

Couple Kissing

Diseases & Sexuality

There are many different diseases (not just sexually transmitted diseases), whose complications affect the sexual life of your partner. Such diseases may include even the flu: a man could have suffered from it as a teenager and has not noticed its complications until now. It goes without saying that recent illnesses are important too.

Way out: if you suspect the case of a reduced libido, do not ignore doctors. Persuade your man to see a specialist.

Light Neurosis – No Sex

Heavy workload, unresolved issues, being concerned about success and the expected result, and the pressure of bad-tempered people can quickly make the sexual activity of sensitive and responsible men complicated.

Way out: eliminate this psychotraumatic factor.

Temporary Problems Cause Lack of Sex

Sex drive in men is sometimes lost because of sublimation, that is redirecting sexual energy to a more required activity. In contrast to neurosis, a man does not feel any negative emotions in this case.

The examples of such activities include: urgent work, a new hobby, an opportunity to realize a dream (for example, one finally gets some money to build a house).

Way out: the end of this activity marks the improvement of sexual activity.

Stress at work

Age Affects Your Sex Life

It is known that with age men find it more difficult to cope with normal sexual load. If the partner has excessive demands at this period of time, the man gets reserved and develops certain complexes. He will avoid sexual contact under any pretext.

Way out: the woman should treat the situation realistically. Tears and reproach will not improve the man’s state. If age is a key reason for your man, and he finds it difficult to perform his marital duties, discuss it with him, discuss the possibility of using other methods of stimulation, which both of you will treat favorably.