How to Track a Cheating Partner

No relationship is protected from infidelity. Lipstick stains on his collar or a questionable sweet-kissing-SMS are not the only telltale signs of cheating. His sexual behavior in the bedroom may reveal this hard-hitting truth too. Here is a list of top signs that will help you to catch a cheating spouse. Well, he is cheating on you if…



He suddenly stopped kissing you. Kisses are a good litmus test for any relationship. If you feel a complete lack of kisses in your daily or sexual life, it is time to sound the alarm. Both women and men generally consider kissing to be more intimate expression of emotion than sex.

Sexual Life

Nothing has changed in your daily routines except that your sexual life is slacking off or, even worse, stops completely. Your partner is always too tired, or stressed out, or has continuous migraine, or falls asleep as soon as his head touches a pillow. Besides, the decrease in his sexual activity has come all of a sudden. Try to recall recent events, and you will probably find the link between his apathy and his last business trip with a new colleague.

His Cell Phone

Your relationship has become a love triangle with his cell phone. He never parts with it, neither while sleeping, nor when taking a bath. Each time his cell phone vibrates (ringing mode is permanently turned off not without a reason), he becomes uneasy.

His Night Outfit

His complete night outfit includes now pyjamas and trunks. And to get to his body, you should surmount all these flannel and cotton barriers, apart from his own unwillingness to throw his protective sleepwear off.


He suddenly began to avoid your caresses. He says you do it all wrong or they hurt, tickle or freeze him. This list of his complaints is far from being complete.

Your Sexual Satisfaction

He no longer cares about your satisfaction. Previously he used to drive you crazy till you almost fainted. Now he is just indifferent about the way you feel and turns his back on you as he gets satisfied himself.


When lying in bed he avoids your hugs giving ridiculous reasons like feeling stuffy discomfort or backache.

His Libido

Finally, you noticed he completely lost his sexual interest in you. Nothing seems to revive it, no matter how seductive your petting is or how sexy you look.

Is He Cheating?

Maybe it’s time you should stop deceiving yourself with illusory hopes and communicate honestly with your partner. The certain truth is that men, indeed, can be very vulnerable and sensitive to any kind of stress that affect their sexual drive.

And what if he’s really tired and overworked, and doesn’t care about a long-legged secretary in his office. Perhaps, that’s all about midlife crisis or he’s just going through a bad streak.

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