The Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use

Cell Phones HarmIf you are too often on your cell phone, you’d better use a Bluetooth headset. British Association of Dermatologists warns that heavy use of cell phones may wind up in getting contact dermatitis. The researches have already coined the definition for it, “mobile phone dermatitis”, which is actually a skin rash on cheek and ear triggered by allergic reaction to nickel.

Nickel allergy is one of the most common types of contact dermatitis. 30% of UK population is allergic to nickel. Most victims are women who get the allergy from wearing nickel-containing bijouterie.

The rash breaks out where the cell phone comes into contact with the skin most often, including fingers. American scientists chimed in with their British colleagues’ findings. Experts at Mayo Clinic conformed that contact allergies are mostly caused by nickel used in various objects from buckles and buttons to bijouterie.

Nickel could be found in interface buttons interior, decorative logos as well as in polished frames around the LCDs. Many cell phone manufacturers are using this metal. Earlier this year, researchers at Brown University, US, tested 22 popular models and found 10 of them contained nickel.

The discussion over possible negative health effects of cell phones has been raving since this wireless device was introduced into the market. Past two decades saw the soaring cases of brain cancer, though there has been found no link between wireless communication and brain tumor formation.

However, scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, discovered that spending a lot of time talking on a cell phone disturbed the sleep. According to scientists, overuse of cell phones leads to confused biological rhythms, overexcitement, stresses and weariness.

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